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Ordering Julius Erving photos for an autograph session

Are you attending an autograph session and want a different photo than the two or three that keep turning up on eBay? Ready to order that special Dr J photo for a special occasion?
I try to keep a few of each 8x10 photo in stock. Especially the Julius Erving pictures. If you're attending an autograph session and want one of my photos sent overnight, in most cases I can get it to you.
If you want 16x20's in under a week, there is a $50 surcharge. I'm just passing along my lab charges. Otherwise there is a two week turnaround. 12x18's can be ordered and shipped in under a week in most cases.

Wholesale pricing available to companies who host autograph sessions.

Please contact me for more information
e-mail or telephone 800-350-9289
try both if you're in a rush

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purchased prints, is not allowed without written permission


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