Licensing for Commercial or Editorial Use
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Licensing for Commercial or Editorial Use

All of my sports photographs are available for commercial use under the condition that you have a signed contract with the athlete. Editorial use doesn't require the athletes permission, but does require my permission as the originating photographer and copyright holder.
Any requests to provide images for T-shirts, calendars or similar products (with identifiable athletes) will be turned down unless you have a signed contract with the athlete pictured.
The photographic prints that I sell are sold without reproduction rights as fine art prints for display and collection only. Those terms are clearly stated on a certificate that accompanies each print, and on every page of this web site.
For all agreed upon usage, I will provide a large size digital file of the image for download so you can have the image to work on within minutes of completing our agreement.
Commercial use pricing is based on the FotoQuote program but is open for negotiation.

Please contact me for more information
e-mail or telephone 412-401-8100
try both if you're in a rush

Reproduction of any photograph on this web site, including
purchased prints, is not allowed without written permission


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