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Dr J Pictures
Dr J NBA 76ers
julius Erving Pictures
Dr J ABA Nets
David Thompson Pictures
David Thompson
George Gervin Pictures
George Gervin
Pete Maravich Pictures
Pete Maravich
Each gallery consists of thumbnail (small) pictures that are linked to pages containing enlarged pictures with ordering information. Additionally I have ABA and NBA galleries and a recently added Philadelphia 76ers gallery, as well as a gallery for other miscellaneous sports I photographed in the 1970s. As a historical reference, I've included the tear sheet along side the actual picture for published works where ever possible. To make it easier to navigate the web site I've added a search engine and links to all the major galleries at the top of each page.
Dr J Photos with the ABA New York Nets Gallery
1974-75 New York Nets Team Photo
Dr J Photos with the NBA Philadelphia 76ers Gallery
Complete Julius Erving Photo Gallery
Thumbnails of all the Julius Erving photos on the web site
1970's Rock Stars new gallery
pictures of Dylan, Clapton, Garcia and Weir, Rod Stewart, Sly and Alice Cooper
David Thompson Photos Gallery
George Gervin Photos Gallery
With the Virginia Squires in early January 1974
and a few with the San Antonio Spurs
Pistol Pete Maravich Photos Gallery
Two Frame Sequence Photo Gallery
ABA Photo Gallery
NBA Photo Gallery
Philadelphia 76ers Gallery
Other Sports Photos Gallery
Including a series of sports motion photos
Matted Photos of Julius Erving to decorate your home or office
Boxed Sets and Large Quantity Pricing for Collectors
Collectable Annual Postcard
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Screensavers of Dr J with the Nets or 76ers

Published Photos
Currently Published Photos
2007 NBA All Star Game
Current Tear Sheets and Covers
17'x13' wall in Converse's "Julius Erving Conference Room"
2004 Converse Point of Purchase Shoe Store Display
1970's Tear Sheets of Magazine and Book Covers
1970's Tear Sheets of Magazine Articles and Books
1970's Dr J Posters for Converse Sneakers
1970's Dr J Poster for Spalding
Sports Writer Jim O'Brien 30 years later
Photographs for Autograph Sessions
Licensing for Commercial and Editorial Use
A Signed ABA Promotional Basketball
Packaging of the Photographs and Certificate of Authenticity
1976 Interview with Julius Erving
A Brief History of my Short Photography Career
Including a TV Capture from a video of the Final ABA Championship Game 1976
Resurrecting the Past
how this project came to be
My Most Embarrassing Moment as a Sports Photographer
NBA team rosters for the 1976-1977 season
For Julius Erving's first season with the Philadelphia 76ers
Magazines for Sale
Black Sports Magazine issues for sale
1977 NBA All-Star game program for sale
Great pictures of Dr J for your web site
Reduced size with a not so prominent copyright
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Larry With Julius Erving

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