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Dear Mr. Berman, I just want to thank you for the incredible website of Dr. J photos. I was an Indiana farm kid in the 1970s, living out on a farm in Knox, Indiana. After feeding the animals and completing shores, my passion was playing basketball and Notre Dame football. Well when the legend of Dr J reached the playgrounds of basketball crazy Indiana, the stories we heard were beyond belief. He was a such a legend that he was on par with Paul Bunyan in Indiana. We would root for the Pacers but hope for The Doctor to score 40 or 50 on the Pacers. There was such a mystique about Dr J that his presence was palpable on the playgrounds of Indiana. Everyone was attempting to finger-roll, float, and make the moves we heard stories about. Periodically we would catch a Pacers game on a UHF channel, and a Pacers game against the Doctor was the ultimate TV event. The Doctor's mystique was so overwhelming that I began collecting every photo and news story about Dr J that I could find. I would call myself Dr. M on the playgrounds, and attempt all kinds of crazy shots to try and mimic the Doctor. Well viewing your photos has brought back such fond memories, that I cannot express how grateful I am. A continuous stream of basketball memories came flooding back. I have those internal videos of moves I made and games I played where I felt like the Doctor, just my moves were below the rim. Thank you so much for sharing what you captured on film. Your art is as legendary as the Doctor is. Michael Joseph Merritt
I just went to your site and all I can say is AWESOME!!! What an unbelievable collection of the one and only man that changed the dynamics of basketball forever. What an unbelievable opportunity you had to not only photograph him, but to know him, work with him and to have seen him play. I have to say I am very grateful for you and your photography. You bring back to life, my childhood ideal in all his glory. Thank you very much for making these photos available. This is the next best thing to actually being able to have been as fortunate as you were to see him in action. Thank again. David P.
I still can't believe that I talked to the person who snapped the photo of Dr. J on the cover of this month's Becket. Unbelievable. I've had that magazine cover on my desk for several weeks, remarking to others how cool it looks. You have an amazing talent. Adam Spencer, Wetstone Technologies
Your sight is incredible, amazing to see all those photos. I could only read about Erving when w/ the Nets due to the lack of TV broadcasts and used to dream about this stuff; it’s pretty mind-blowing to see all these photos laid out like that. Kind of funny/ironic to see all those empty seats in the background as well… Jimmy J.
Let me say that being an NBA fan for 30 years, I am BLOWN AWAY by your photos! BLOWN AWAY! I am not really a Dr.J fan. I am now though, a Larry Berman fan. Beautiful work Larry ! Dwaynne O.
Larry it was a pleasure talking with you. I came across your site while looking for pictures of my days in the American Basketball Association (1970-71) Pittsburgh Condors. Looking at your quality collection of pictures bring great joy to me and my family. My daughter Caprice played college basketball at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, but was very young when I played. Your pictures are a great reference and fun when we look back at the fun days. Your collections are one of the best I've seen, please keep up the great work. Walker Banks - 1970-71 Pittsburgh Condors.
Dear Mr. Berman, my name is André Voigt and I am the editor of FIVE, Germany's leading basketball magazine (circ. 25,000). Researching for a planned feature on the ABA I came across your site and was shocked by the wide array of spectacular pictures you offer.
My name is Brett Ballantini. I'm the managing editor of Basketball Digest and a big ABA guy. I try to get all the ABA content I can into the magazine, and thankfully, because we're very nostalgic in tone, I am often successful. We run a lot of Doctor art, and through the RemembertheABA discussion group and speaking with Arthur I know that you are THE source for Doc art. I've seen your work and the shots are outstanding. It would be an honor to run your work in the Digest.
I'd like to request a possible story about the Dr. J wall image that you produced and wrote about on your site. Your site has a lot of good resources that will also be of interest to the readers of Digital Imaging. Please let me know if you are interested in contributing and I will submit the story idea to my publisher. Andrew Darlow, Editorial Director, Digital Imaging Magazine
I just wanted you to know that your photograph's are awesome. I grew up a huge Pete Maravich fan, and am currently serving as the Chief Researcher for a major book that sports author Marshall Terrill is doing on Pete. I am also co-authoring David Thompson's life story with the great Skywalker. David has become a close friend. Sean Stormes - author of Skywalker
I saw your photos on e-bay and wanted to contact you. My name is Todd Ant I'm with ABC Sports Radio in New York. I am an E-bay hog and somehow found my way to these photos and thought of an idea. We are currently gearing up for an NBA Playoff preview and I'm in charge of the Atlantic division and specifically the Nets. I am doing a section on the history of the team, and wondering if I could do a phone interview on what is was like back in the day when they were in new York and with "J"...
I finally picked up the box of photos! I think the screensaver gave me a "preview" of the full images (the screensaver is great in itself), but the full photos are amazing. I spent about an hour just going through the pile and admiring each one. Really for an ABA fan it is amazing to see such quality action photos of the Doctor, in large part the "signature" of the red white and blue league. Interestingly, they are not all "dunk shots" as I thought they would be. Your shots capture the Doctor in all phases of his offensive game. My favorite is the one where he is floating in the air with Dan Issel, holding the ball backwards in midair. One of the other photos is the "sequel" to this photo, and indicates that Erving brought the ball forward, floated past Issel, and bank in a layup. Arthur Hundhausen - RememberTheABA.com

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