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Dr J Screensavers
Images in the screensavers will not have visible copyright notices

These are PC only screensavers, please contact me if you would be interested in purchasing them for the MAC. It would require me to invest in a $600 program and I want to see if the demand is sufficient.

25 classic images of Dr J with the New York Nets (PC only)
Download the Dr J Nets Screensaver now - 2.2 megs

25 classic images of Dr J with the Philadelphia 76ers (PC only)
Download the Dr J 76ers Screensaver now - 2.7 megs

The screensavers will run for 48 hours without the unlock codes

Unlock code available by e-mail for $5 each
or full screensavers on CD for $10 or both for $15
 includes shipping and handling

Payment options are the same as for the photographs
PayPal preferred but all major credit cards accepted
my PalPal account is larry@bermanart.com or telephone 800-350-9289

Dr J Julius Erving New York Nets Screensaver

Nets screensaver images above - 76ers screensaver images below

Dr J Julius Erving Philadelphia 76ers Screensaver

"I have the screen saver up and running on my PC here at work. Really it is my first look at large versions of these photos (without the copyright mark) and they are spectacular. It is hard for me to go back to doing tax work!" AH

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