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I first saw the Grateful Dead in concert at Gaelic Park in the Bronx (New York) on 26 August 1971. It set the tone for the music I've been listening to ever since. In September 1972, we went to see the Dead at the Stanley Theater. We had front row center balcony seats. But when we arrived, found that they had set the mix up where our seats were to be, so we were moved to the front row center. I had just gotten a 135mm f2.5 lens for my Pentax SP500 and that's what I used to take the memorable pictures below of Jerry Garcia. What an incredible way to start a career in photography. I spent the early 1970's photographing rock concerts. I sold photographs of Rod Stewart to Mercury Records for the music book that accompanied the "Every Picture Tells a Story" album. I had a photograph of Sly Stone appear full page in the NY Times as an ad for a concert. I had a photograph of the Alice Cooper Band appear in Circus Magazine. I became a staff photographer for the local New York City area magazine "Good Times" where I was in good company. The now famous Richard Aaron was also a staff photographer and then became photography editor. Then in 1974 I started photographing sports..

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Bob Dylan

Eric Clapton #1

Eric Clapton #2

Rod Stewart #1

Rod Stewart #2
rod stewart
Rod Stewart #5

Alice Cooper

Paul Simon

Papa John Creach
Grace Slick
Jefferson Starship

Phil Lesh

Bob Weir

Sly Stone

Jerry Garcia #3
jerry garcia grateful dead
Jerry Garcia #1

Jerry Garcia #2

Joni Mitchell

Larry Berman

Cat Stevens

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