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Sports Related Links

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Remember the ABA
Arthur Hundhausen's reference web site
Mike Dust's Spirits of St Louis web site
Greg Faragher's Julius Erving tribute web site
Tri Motion Films
produced the David Thompson documentary DVD
which included a few of my Dr J photos
Artis Gilmore's web site
Motivational Speaking Presentations
Bill Walton's web site
The Official Mickey Rivers web site
Hosted by Shawn Smith
The Unofficial Virginia Squires Web Site
by Clay Shampoe and Tom Garrett
New Jersey Nets News
The most comprehensive New Jersey Nets fan website on the internet— New Jersey Nets news, scores, schedule, NBA standings, player roster, tickets, player stats and Nets paraphernalia collected from around the internet and updated hourly.
Kareem Abdul Jabbar - A Great NBA player
The Buffalo Braves
Kevin Collins historical Buffalo Braves web site
The new ABA - American Basketball Association
The Detroit Panthers ABA Team
Jack English's Surfing Photography

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