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-- In the Press --

A gallery of tear sheets of currently published photos

-- In the News --

Rocky Mountain News Denver's newspaper 12 Feb 2005
Pre 2005 All Star Game article about Julius Erving dunking

-- On the Internet --

Remember The ABA historical web site
Various pages including the Julius Erving tribute page

-- On the Radio --

Download a 13 minute (12 megabyte) MP3 file from the show

I was Interviewed by Jack Warren for Shutterbug Radio March 4th 2005
about what it was like being a sports photographer in the 1970s.

Todd Ant interviewed me for ABC Sports Radio to broadcast to 4000 affiliate stations throughout the country during the NBA playoffs starting June 4, 2003. Questions revolved around what it was like to photograph the Nets during the mid 1970's when there were far less restrictions over access to the games and how the photographs could be used.

-- On TV --

2007 NBA All Star Game TNT Half Time Video
ESPN used the my photo #012 in an animation during the NBA playoffs 2003

-- On the Wall --

Converse is using my Julius Erving # 138 photo reproduced 17'x13' on the wall of their Julius Erving conference room. Check out an enlargement of this thumbnail.

-- In the Stores --

Converse is using my Julius Erving #010 for a point of purchase shoe store display and a large hanging poster

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