Boxed Sets of Julius Erving Photos
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Boxed Sets of Julius Erving Photos
and large quantity pricing for collectors

8x10 photos

quantity cost per print shipping total
25 $20 $15 $515
50 $15 $20 $790
100 $12 $25 $1,225
Each photograph comes in a clear archival bag with a certificate of authenticity. Quantities of 100 also comes in an archival portfolio box.
This offer is not limited to only my Julius Erving photos. Any photograph offered for sale on the web site can be included. Call 412-401-8100 to order or for more information.
If you are hosting an autograph session and want to purchase quantities of the same photo, please call for special pricing.

Reproduction of any photograph on this web site, including
purchased prints, is not allowed without written permission


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